2 Reasons Why GTA Remastered can come out this year and why not

We all love GTA games. And we all have played the classic GTA games like Vice City and San Andreas in our childhood. But the new generation tends to not enjoy low graphics games. But hearing this news all the fans and new gamers will definitely play the new game. The exciting news is that rockstar will make an official remastered copy of the base GTA games. Every big game news org is confirmed that the game may come out this year. But It can be a rumor as GTA 6 has the same rumors from the GTA fan community.

  • Which GTA game will be remastered – 

According to Jake Baldino (from gameranx) 3 games will be remastered. He said rockstar is likely to remaster GTA 3, GTA Sanandress, GTA Vice city. It is rumored that the games will launch on PC, Console( PS4/PS5, XBOX, NINTENDO) and mobile.


  • Release date –

The release date is not yet confirmed, but there is a rumor that it will be released in November or December this year 2021.

  • How the game will look like –

Here are some videos I founded on youtube to make a guess how the game will look like if the rockstar remastered those 3 games.

The game is rumored to be made in Unreal Engine 4 by some whistleblower.

  • Game Price –

There is no rumor or any information about the game price range.

This game is not conformed to coming out yet. So have some patience while we wait for the reveal.

  • Who will be the game developer?

According to the source, the developer can be a branch of Rockstar. As we know Tack2 Interactive owns Rockstar they can assign this project to other developers which they own.


  • Why and Why not GTA games will get a remastered version –

1. Why?

The three-game classic is the building block of the GTA games. As many games like Resident Evil, Final Fantasy and Mafia can get a remastered version and blow up the gaming community by doing this only. Why should Rockstar games miss this opportunity?

2. Why not?

The last big GTA game come on the market mostly a decade ago. But still, they don’t announce GTA 6 officially. The rumor is present that GTA 6 will come out in the next year or two. Still we shouldn’t believe everything about these rumors.

3. Why? 

A sneak peeks of the GTA remaster was released on youtube. But it has been taken down for copyright by Take 2 Interactive. So there might be a huge chance that they are hiding something and want to reveal it on an appropriate date.

4. Why not?

Making remaster game needs manpower and money. As the remaster games are put into second priority by many publishers. And the game this publisher produces as remaster is only a minor change in-game, feels not so special for returning gamers.

The GTA trilogy may find shortness in the fund. And doing this remaster project may slow down their upcoming game projects.

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