Occult Chambers new Horror game based on India.


1. Trailer explanation –

In the starting scene we can see an Aghora (Sadhus based on UP, They worship the god shiva). The narrator aka the Aghora is saying he is in an ancient burden. He was burdened to protect the gate between reality and its end. And he is the last of his kind and he was burdened to keep going with the rituals. And at the end, we can see a scene of the Aghora performing some rituals and some creatures are crawling out of the skull and the scene ends. And at last, the narrator said ” Don’t follow the trail “.

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2. Game maker details –

Studio – BornMonkie
Situated at – Hyderabad
**They are working on this game for 1.5 years.

3. Story summary –

The main character’s name is Dhruv. Who is set on a journey to find his father and the mystories
behind him. Dhruv’s father was alleged to kill the people of an entire village and had done some
occult rituals. To know the truth Dhruvs have come to these abandoned ruins and chambers where occult activities takes place occasionally.

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4. Gameplay –

Occult means “Supernatural/magical”. The game developer said that Occult Chambers is a third-person
a survival game that is set in the valleys of the Himalayas. In the game, Occult rituals and Horror
elements will be shown. And in gameplay, some creatures are added which are based on deep Hindu
mythology. This game is inspired by Tomb Raider, Amnesia, and Bioshock. There will be very exciting mechanics in this game like casting spells performing rituals and Breaking Enchantments. In-game, the main character will gain many abilities
to survive in this horrific environment.

5. release date – 


6. In which platform it will release –

PC and PS5.


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2. BornMonkie Blog

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