Metro Last Light Redux Is now free!! Free to claim in Epic Store.

Epic games come with a new AAA game to giveaway. This week they bring one of the copy of the classic trilogy of Metro. The sequel of Metro 2033 or as I say the 2nd installment of the series РMetro Last Light Redux. This is a single-player post-apocalyptic, action-adventure game. This game was an adaptation of novels written by Dmitry A. Glukhovsky.

The game continues the story of Artyom in the world of Post-nuclear war where the earth’s surface is dominated by mutated animals. Every mankind of surface now lives in Metro and that is their home. But the other communities of the metro are at war among themselves how they able to unite mankind? where will they find the cure for mutation? Artyom will get many friends and many enemies but the true friend will reveal in time.

Experience one of the best story in the game industry made by 4A GAMES.
The link to claim the game for the lifetime – Link
How to claim the game
step 1 – Make an account in the
step 2 – enable your account, and get your account login to the Epic store.
step 3 – Go to the Store option.
step 4 – scroll down and you will find a free game section, there will be available your specific game.
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step 5 – click on the game and there will be a get button click on it. Now a new window will be opened and you have to click on proceed. And now your game is in your library. Have fun!
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