Epic games coming with the mystery game weeks. And today they have revealed the first game – NBA 2K21. Many people don’t have tried this game because they do have the money to spend. But today they don’t have any story every basketball fan or newcomer must try the game and feel the thrill of the game.

The game download link is here.

How to claim the game –

step 1 – Make an account in
step 2 – enable your account, and get your account login to the Epic store.
step 3 – Go to the Store option.
step 4 – scroll down and you will find a free game section, there will be available your specific game.
nba 2k21 3
step 5 – click on the game and there will be a get button click on it. Now a new window will be opened and you have to click on proceed. And now your game is in your library. Have fun!
Share the post to your best buddy even if they don’t have a PC, They can buy that in the future.
So do share it!!
Your friend will thank you for recommending this game to him. So go quick have a taste of the game!

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