5 Best Legit Survey website in India for Earning 1000 to 2000 Rs. Monthly

As a school student or college student, you get a hard time when you spend money. You have only a few 100 Rs to spend on your hobby and entertainment.  For whatever reason you want to earn money, you came to the right place for your extra income. You need no skill to earn this money only need to carefully submit surveys from time to time, and the job is done!

You will get many ways to redeem money from the sites and you can redeem through PAYTM, PAYPAL, AMAZON, FLIPKART, DOMINOS, BATA, etc. The job is very easy and you can do it in your free time. You can earn up to 2000 Rs. to 3000 Rs. a month if you do it on multiple sites and it takes an average of 1 to 2 hours of doing surveys. I will guide you with the best websites to do the survey below.

Every website has its threshold to redeem your earned money and every website has its frequency of surveys they give. Depending on their quality I listed them in numerical which is the better site to do the surveys.

Best 5 Survey Sites to earn money in 2022-


5. The Panel Station:-

My Experience – I have done many surveys on this website and was able to earn 10550 points. The Points value are as of below: 2500 Points = INR 400 3500 Points = INR 500 5000 Points = INR 700 6500 Points = INR 1000.

You can earn 400 Rs. in a month. You will get surveys almost every day here. You may run out of surveys but it will refill soon on your dashboard.

You can also participate in a lottery system where you need only 500 points to enter and You can earn an Amazon gift voucher worth 10000 Rs.

Min reward amount – 400 Rs. (INR).

Rewards by – 1. Paytm.

2. Amazon Gift Voucher.

Rating – 7/10.

Link to join – Enter my referral code RQWKBP while filling out the form on The Panel Station and win your starting bonus of 250 points.

Join The Panel Station



4. TGM Panel:- 

My experience – The users of the survey site is more active than on any other sites. So the quote of maximum people who can able to give an available survey can be full in a few minutes.

You have to log in and refresh from time to time for any new survey you want to do.

They give you an average of 0.88 Dollars worth of surveys. it took slightly more than 1 month to get to 10 dollars.

Min reward amount – 10 Dollars (USD).

Rewards by – 1. Paypal (10 USD).

2. G. CODES (10 USD).

3. Amazon.com gift card (13 USD).

Rating – 8/10.

Link to Join – join TGM Panel



3. Opinion world:-

My Experience – Have done many surveys and earned like 3000 Rs. from this website only. This website gives you many surveys worth 20 -100 points and the average time to complete this survey is 15 to 30 minutes. One day I have get a 200-point worth survey but it was 1 hour long.

On this website, 1 point is equal to 1 Rs. You can get 500 points in 1 month easily. The customer care service is also good if the system fails to register your point you can easily complain and retrieve it.

Min reward amount – 500 Rs. (INR)

Rewards by – 1. Amazon Pay Gift card.

2. Flipkart

3. Bata.

4. Pizza Hut. etc.

Rating – 8/10

Link to join – Join Opinion World


2. YouGov:-

My Experience – I have done a lot of surveys on this website. This website needs 5000 points to redeem your first payment. You will get 50-100 points or more points on surveys as you provide your details on the site. 

The reward of 5000 points is worth 3600 Rs. Which can take 8 months to 1 year to complete. This website provides good quality surveys this website is well known on the market.

Min rewards amount – 3600 Rs. (INR).

Rewards by- 1. Paytm.

Rating – 8.2/10

Link to join – Join YouGov



1. Rakuten Insight –

My Experience – It is the easiest and quickest site to earn money. They give surveys more frequently. They give you surveys as low as 2 points to 40 points. You can do this survey and earn your minimum rewards in a few weeks.

This site has only 100 Rs. as a minimum reward. So you can do the surveys and earn money quickly. Although you have to wait 1 month to get the reward.

Minimum rewards amount – 100 Rs.

Rewards by – 1. Paytm,

2. Amazon, 3. Flipkart.

Rating – 9/10

Link to join – Join Rakuten Insight


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