Hi, I am Code_zap, coming with a new Valorant update! The name of agent 14 is revealed and the abilities and looks are also revealed in a leak video. Also, a new video leak featuring the new act 4 battle pass. Let’s discuss all this below –


1. Agent 14 – Yoru Abilites-


New act, new episode comes with a new agent Yoru. The new agent looks Asian, And has a fair share of cool abilities, The agent is mostly related to stealth, and his abilities confirm this. Let’s get straight to Yoru’s abilities – 

 A. Two classic abilities –

  •  Fakeout (C)Creates stepping sound. press fire to send it ahead or pre-place with Alt-fire then press F to send inactive one ahead.

  •  Blindside (Q)Flash, Press Fire to throw it, it will pop after contact with the surface.

B. Signature ability –

  •  Gatecrash (E) – Press the ability button to place Portal, press fire to send portal ahead, Anchor Portal with Alt-Fire, Press Activate to teleport through the Portal.

C. Ultimate ability – 

  • Dimensional Rift (X) – Press fire to become invisible for enemies and invulnerable. 
This ability shows how much potential this character has to become a duelist or initiator type of agent. He is much more like an initiator rather than a dualist to me. Get back to the abilities we have seen the amazing potential of teleportation ability it is the most buffed skill any agent can have. Riot must have put limitations in the range of this ability otherwise omen Ultimate will be a waste. The fake steps ability really has long-range and duration, the enemy will be confused in clutch situations. The ultimate ability is a ripoff from Apex legend’s Wraith, this ability may have a sound trait so the enemy can hear where he flee or from where he will attack. But put aside all this, this agent will be available to play on 12th January 2021. So brace yourself this agent will be getting high pick rates for his abilities, and he will change some current meta.

2. Yoru’s character selection animation

The leaked video was first leaked on Twitter. But that was taken down so I have found this video on youtube(credit: tak3n game). It has some minor detail and only has the body rendering part from the full animation. So we have to wait until the release or we can luckily see some trailers from Riot Valorant about this new agent Yoru and also about both new Act 4 and Episode 2. 
So what you think about the new agent? comment below and give me great suggestions about what game or event you want me to cover. 
Written by – Code_Zap


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